Welcome to my site! Given the dozens of social networking sites available (and I use many of them), one may wonder why bother to create a separate site? Why not just direct visitors to a social media account? The short answer is that a static website (even one built on a Blogger platform such as this one) still offers greater control and a more streamlined, to use a sociological terminology, "presentation of self."

As an educator and long-time academic, I am keenly aware that different types of writing serve different purposes. I could direct you to my Twitter feed (@katebpok as I'm doing here), but while reading my tweets may give you an idea of the bits and pieces of information I find interesting, and in that way, may give you a richer picture of who I am, but may still not provide some of the most basic information about me. As  such as my educational background, my pedagogical position, or even how I view technology's (including social media's) role in the future of education. Again welcome and thank you for letting me introduce myself.